KMA Metal Abrasive Limited


Cast Stainless Steel Shots

The inventory of raw materials has also been maintained by us in order to keep a record of the entire stock. Moreover, the quality of the inputs is strictly checked by our experts before procurement. We are flexible in making deliveries in the committed time span owing to the well-organized and maintained transportation system. Cast Stainless Steel Shot This is the true CAST stainless steel shot, made by Cast process. Its not Stainless Steel Cut Wire Shot Conditioned. Cast Stainless Steel Shot is used in all applications where non-rusting materials such as aluminum, zinc, stainless steel, brass, bronze, etc. are blasted.

Main fields of application : Blast cleaning, deburring, surface finishing, surface-improvement All types of aluminium castings and forgings Zinc pressure die castings Non-ferrous metals and special alloys Stainless steel castings and forgings Machinery and welded structures in stainless steel Concrete and natural stones

Advantages : Great durability Short blasting times Bright appearance Rust-free surfaces Reduced wear of blast cleaning equipment Low waste disposal costs Dust-free blasting process Blasting of metals... For efficient deburring For bright appearance For surface preparation prior to coating Stone blasting... For smooth and textured surfaces For non-slip surfaces For dramatic appearance

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